Think Again

11 Feb

Recently our Pastor wanted us to see that when we read scripture, we often take for granted the words that are familiar and when we do this we lose meaning in those words. Her case in point was based on the familiar words from 1 Corinthians–you know, the love message?

She read the words several times to us with different vocal inflection and word emphasis so we could envision the familiar words with new meaning. To use a similar concept, I am going to try some interpretive word variation for The Lord’s Prayer. How special it might be to say those oh so familiar words with new thoughts. To do this I am going to change out words hoping to preserve the power of the prayer and believing that a new view of the old words might make a difference. It is my belief that most of my readers know the original words.

Here goes:

Our precious parent and holy partner who lives among us,

How I honor your name!

I bless your will and believe it has strength and power in the past, present and future throughout the heavens and here on earth.

I am grateful for food on my table as I am grateful when you forgive my sinful nature.

I will pay respect to you by doing my part to forgive others in this same fashion.

I believe your very presence in my life can keep me from evil.

Yours, O God, is the most loving and strengthening wisdom in my life and I praise your name today and always. Amen!

So…the next time you pray the Lord’s Prayer, don’t recall my interpretation, but rather, be inspired by the original words that do not deserve rote delivery but rather thoughtful diction instead.

Our Father Prayer Print The Lord's Prayer 5x7 8x10 image 1

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