Do You Have a Well?

2 Feb

A well? I grew up with a well in the ground in our family’s back yard. It was not the quintessential well that has a bucket you lower deeply down into the stone chamber for water, but it was our hidden water source. In either case, no one wants the well to run dry.

Figuratively, a well could be a place of knowledge, wisdom, energy and truth. If that is so, where is YOUR well? Is your well found among friends? In church? In nature? Online? In quiet silence? In prayer? Where does your inspiration reside and when do you draw from it? Once in a while? Constantly? When needed?

Having a well to go to can be life saving and transformational. Those who know not what to do nor where to turn in times of error and woe will suffer this special space missing in their life.

I am grateful to have God almighty and his word in my life.

I praise God for being my well.


(an anonymous quote)

Outdoor Stone and Wood Water-Well on white background, isolated Water-well with roof and wooden bucket with rope.  stock photography

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