Another Discovery

19 Jan

Again after Christmas as I was putting a few things away I opened a drawer and found a spiral bound booklet called KALEIDOSCOPE. It was published in 1999 as a student publication at the middle school where my daughters were attending. It is maybe a 40 page booklet with 80 pieces pf poetry and some pen and ink sketches all accomplished by students in grades 5-8. We have a copy because one of my daughters had some poetry published in the anthology. I did not include her poetry as it did not fit our theme here. (tee hee)

One of the pages in the booklet captured original quotes from students and I would love to share some middle school wisdom:

“When you smile, nothing can hold you back from being happy.” –Alex

“Never say it could never be done.” –Matt

“A smile is like an ice cream cone. Everyone likes to receive one.” –Mia

“Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile.” –Joe

“If one is too afraid to use one’s knowledge, then why should one bother learning.” –Weldon

“If homework was optional, I’d do it more.” –Montgomery

I thought some of the quotes were almost Biblical–I will let you do the pairings.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction… Romans 12:12

–The hand of the diligent will ruleProverbs 12:24

If a a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles… Matthew 5:41

I thought the last student quote was telling. Not many homework assignments are “optional, ” but our human nature tells us we like options rather than being told what to do. This might be why as Christians we sometimes run a little lukewarm. WE WANT TO DECIDE rather than have God be our guide. I may want to do the things that God would put before me, but on MY schedule, please and in my good time. My faith tells me to be patient and still for messages from the Lord , but my racing heart sometimes tells me to try it my way first. When I do this, am I separating myself from God’s plan? Hmm…

Back to the middle school wisdom and some further interpretation. These are my thoughts for a new year:

Smiles bring joy and joy can be shared. Pass it around!

Diligence comes while getting it done. Stay on task!

Fearing the lord brings wisdom. ( We learn when our reverence for God is great.)

Bear the burdens of others. (A commandment for all!)

Be well, everyone and feel free to pass along to others

2 Responses to “Another Discovery”

  1. dar1124 January 20, 2022 at 3:50 pm #

    Always grateful for comments, Sue. Stay connected while away 🙂

  2. Sue b January 20, 2022 at 2:40 pm #

    Loved the middle school and Denise words of wisdom! Thanks

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