A Forgiveness Find

10 Jan

I was looking at some of my Christmas books a while ago and came across a little one that must have belonged to one of my kids years ago. It is maybe 4×6 inches in size and it is called MY LITTLE PROMISE BIBLE. The author is L.J. Sattgast. It shouldn’t have been with the Christmas books, but finding it was a treat, so I am happy about finding it in the wrong place.

I share with you one of the pages about being one who forgives.


Joseph was taken to Egypt. He had to work very hard. He did whatever his master said. One day Joseph helped the king. “You are good and wise, and I will make you my helper, ” said the king. Then everyone did what Joseph said.

One day Joseph saw his brothers who had tried to harm him. Did Joseph punish them?

NO! Joseph said, “I forgive you.”

And the promise at the end of this passage is from God:

“I am always ready to forgive you.”

I forgot about that little gem of a book just as easily as it is to forget to forgive sometimes.

Oops! Something to work on in the new year!

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