10 Dec

Do you like to relax? Maybe for some of you the better question would be do you ever relax? I am a napper. I have been napping since I was in college. It is not a daily thing, but when it happens it is VERY restorative for me. Are there things that interfere with your ability to rest? Perhaps routine, responsibilities, racing thoughts?

Rest and relaxation are meant to be restorative. After a time of rest the body and mind feel refreshed and energized. Rolling out of bed after a good night’s sleep is a wonderful way to tackle a busy day to come.

Rest is Biblical! Consider Psalm 4:8:

” In peace I will lie down and sleep,

for you alone, Lord,

make me dwell in safety.

That verse makes me feel justified when a midday nap comes upon me and I curl up on the couch with the dog. The dog warms my feet and the rest I achieve while napping warms my body and mind and spirit.

As your busy day unfolds, I thank you for taking time to rest here a moment for quiet time and a renewal of your soul.

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