Surprise on a Drive

29 Nov

I took a drive recently. I was in the car for eight hours total with four hours to my destination and then four hours to get home. I visited my elderly dad in the middle of the time split.

On my way to his place I saw on a rather prominent sign by the road side that read, “Isaiah 41:10.” While I am familiar with certain parts of the Bible off the cuff I did not know the meaning of this verse so I quickly jotted down the passage name and number for future reference and today I looked it up.

While sometimes we read scripture and the thoughts seem elusive, I shall hang my hat on this one.

Image result for isaiah 41 verse 10

2 Responses to “Surprise on a Drive”

  1. Sue B November 30, 2021 at 10:44 am #

    Very helpful and inspiring on a long trip

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