22 Nov

TOUCH is a powerful word. Touch suggests many things: tender movement toward another, feeling something meaningful in your heart, physically putting a gentle hand on someone, a tender sensation.

In the study of nonverbal communication touch is placed in a category called Haptics. Its power in nonverbal communication might be measured by the emphasis and strength of the touch and by the parties involved. Consider a hug, a tousling of someone’s hair, a shoulder rub, a punch or a shove.

In a book I have called EVERYDAY INSPIRATION it is stated that “…[humans] understand the power of a touch.” The book goes on to say that we can be touched by a gesture of kindness, a pat on the back, a hug from a friend or holding hands with someone we love and all of those physical gestures are scientific and known to bring down blood pressure, make our heart skip a beat in a good way and may help us feel peace, comfort and assurance. This suggests healing.

The touch of Jesus was healing. People flocked to be near him believing there was power in his presence.

Touch is a powerful way to express love. A simple touch can reach deep into the soul of man. God is love and love is an expression of the touch of Jesus. Jesus healed people of many different sicknesses and disabilities in many different situations. His healing is sometimes attributed to his words and at other times to his touch. (

Both the writing in EVERYDAY INSPIRATION and from the website mentioned stress a theme:

Jesus touched people as should we.

Remember the touch you offer can be physical, emotional, psychological and/or spiritual.

Who has touched you recently?

ALSO…consider touching someone else in a unique way by sharing with them–a great way to share what I call a “mini devotional moment.”

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