Prayer Possibilities

8 Nov

Do you pray and believe?

Has life taught you through experience that it seems like some prayers go unanswered?

Do you believe that no answer to a prayer is still an answer?

Do you despair when God’s answer is different from your original plea?

If God already knows our wants, needs and desires, why should we pray?

Does prayer have possibilities?

My post prior to this one was a praise prayer and a few future posts will also reflect ideas on prayer. My opening questions were meant to provoke or offer a gentle prompt to your thinking about prayer.

What sort of prayer life do you have? Constant? Intermittent? Rare? Never?

Is God truly available with a listening ear for our beckoning?

Does prayer benefit God or me or both?

OKAY…the quiz is over. Your prayer life is YOUR prayer life, but I hope I made you think!

Be well, my friends!

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