God’s Gifts

3 Nov

Do you live in a place that shows the changes of the seasons in an obvious way? Living in western New York affords me seasons of weather that are VERY obvious. Spring brings rain and green growth, blossoms and gentle warmth as the angle of the sun changes. Summer in Buffalo is beautiful but seemingly short. So much to do while the weather is so forgiving! Summer brings warm breezes, sunshine and beautiful green grass and flowers with full trees for shade. Fall is our current season and God has done wonders with whatever paints were used to decorate the trees. Even with leaves falling, cooler temperatures and some rain present, the days albeit shorter, still offer some warmth and beauty. Winter will come with its frigid winds, piles of snow and limited sunshine. It still can be lovely and I appreciate living in a locale that offers me such wondrous weather variety.

I chanced to take a drive recently on a sunny fall day and the colors of the leaves were grand. God–your seasonal gifts are so good!

On the other hand, Spring can bring devastating floods, summer can offer hurricanes and fearful droughts. Fall can bring tornadoes and winter’s bitter cold can sometimes seem endless as the snow piles up and thoughts of spring relief seem distant.

When we are loving the seasons we feel blessed and when we fail to appreciate the seasons we feel discouraged.

God still provides.

Gods attention to detail is ever present.

He pays attention to the world decorated with keen handiwork and He notices the needs and wants we have as well.

How blessed we are to love an amazing all loving God who loved us first in ways we can barely fathom.

For that let us give praise!

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