The Cleansing Rain

1 Nov

One of the things I love about the fall season is the array of colors emerging from week to week like a festive light and color show to reward us before the harsh winter comes. I can say this because I live in Buffalo, NY.

One of the things I dislike about fall is the cold rain that sometimes goes on for days. As I write, my neck of the woods is in this season. I was out this morning in sideways rain with 45 degree temperatures and I decided it was a rough way to begin the day.

I found a definition of rain and its function by reviewing a few websites and her are the basics:

Rain is obtained when moisture from oceans, freshwater, and geological features evaporates and condenses in high, cold air, generating clouds in the sky. Rain falls from these fluffy clouds, rehydrating the ground and air. Rain also referred to as precipitation, is the consequence of water condensing in the surrounding atmosphere. Hail, rain, snow, and sleet drop to the ground immediately when the air can no further sustain the pressure of the moisture.

Reading this, I was drawn to the last few words–“pressure of the moisture.”

Most people don’t like pressure. Pressure suggests being forced or rushed into something. Many of us resist that feeling because we prefer to control things and decide how we might go about our day.

This may describe my negative spirit about fall rain. Fall rain seems pushy!

But then we all know there will be no rainbow without rain. There can be no light without darkness. There can be no strength until we have felt the sensation of weakness. We search for joy after a season of sadness.

Dearest Lord, I will tolerate your rain. I will appreciate the need to rehydrate the ground allowing for growth and fertility that will ultimately bring spring. I know rain can be cleansing, renewing and much needed. I will endure this weather spell I am experiencing with the courage and knowledge that a sunny day will emerge soon. That is just who you are, God—the giver of all gifts. AMEN.

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