How is it with Your Soul?

8 Oct

I have a dear friend I have not seen in a while. She is a retired United Methodist Pastor. We live 4 hours from one another and we sometimes meet halfway between our two homes for a VERY long lunch. Covid has prevented this.

Whenever we do chance to meet, one of the special inquisitive questions she offers is this: “How is it with your soul?”


That is a question that goes far beyond the basic “How are you? “How have you been?” “What’s new?”

My soul? It is impossible to answer that question by saying “Fine.” That sort of question begs for deeper thought and a response that is not simply a single word.

How is it with my soul?

I don’t always know how my soul is. I think about my body and mind first. If I am feeling physically well and my mind in a good place, then all seems well. My soul? I don’t know.

The online dictionary I consulted describes SOUL as the spiritual part of a human being regarded to be immortal; another definition includes emotional and intellectual energy and intensity expressed.

Our soul is far beyond the body that may register ails or ills that define bodily health. And it is beyond the mind when if not confused, dazed or muddled, it seems to be well.

Yet, I ask, how do we measure the health of the soul?

While we often tend to the mind and body, what do we do to enrich our souls?

I would cherish your thoughts and ideas if you are so inclined to comment.

How is it with YOUR soul?

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