A World of 3G

4 Oct


Is 3G considered old school since 5G is what lots of folks talk about today? Are some of you thinking, “What is a G anyway?” That would be me!

However, I want to share the value of 3G and this is not the 3G you may be thinking! It has nothing to do with your wireless mobile network, but it does reflect a manner of living.

I sometimes listen to the radio broadcasts of a financial guru named Jill Schlesinger. She is out of New York City on a network program called “Jill on Money” and she helps people sort out their financial side of life with her own brand of wit and wisdom. She has a no nonsense delivery style as she counsels callers to her show in how to gain or manage wealth.

She speaks of 3 Gs– GRIT, GROWTH AND GRACE.

Her view of grit is working hard, earning well and doing due diligence to be smart about your earnings. She speaks of growth as a career goal and just what you want your bank account to do. She mentions grace as something to grant yourself if you mess up on the other two Gs. This reminds me of our journeys of faith.


Grit suggests the willingness to do the work on one’s faith. It may take discipline and challenge to pray more, devote oneself to Jesus’ teachings and keep a focus on what your faith means to you.

Growth suggests being willing to change. Adding newness to one’s faith is enriching and strengthening. In what ways might you add to your faith?

Grace is two-fold on a faith journey. Firstly, being open to God’s good grace is a blessed and momentous place to be. God waits for our openness concerning gifts and graces.

Secondly, personal grace is key. The willingness to forgive yourself in times of doubt or weakness is an important piece to support your grit and growth.

God would have us face our faith journey bravely with the 3 Gs ever present.

So for today, the key will be 3G.

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