Peace Within

9 Aug

I saw a quote recently.

“Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of God.”

Do you ever look at others you know and think their life is smooth, easy and perfect? This has crossed my mind on occasion and I am not proud of these feelings. I suppose it is safe to say that others may look in on me at times and think those thoughts. This is a communication and social science concept called Social Comparison.

It is human nature to look at others and decide how we may or may not measure up; how do we compare? It is a fruitless effort, really. What gain is had by doing this? Why do we do it? Do we seek validation? The concept of Social Comparison comes from the 1950s when social scientist Leon Festinger claimed that most of us have a drive to see ourselves through the eyes of others. “I wonder what they are thinking about me?” This is pretty huge in middle school and high school–think the movie Mean Girls. I would like to think we outgrow it, but perhaps we don’t. It is probably why public speaking is scary for most people and why wanting to fit in is a dying urge for so many. We tend to judge others and be judged by others.

Having raised two little girls who are now amazing young women, I dare say it is far more peaceful to ditch the need for social comparison rather than nurture it. I speak for myself as well. It is painful to watch a young girl trying to fit in. It is painful to think of the hoops I have jumped to fit in. There is little peace in those efforts.

Instead, there is something beautiful about a naturally confident woman–one who is comfortable in her own skin and worries little or not at all about impressing others.

God would have us believe in ourselves and feel free and peaceful in our identity. We are, after all, his magnificent creation and to dishonor or doubt his creation just seems wrong.

Be blessed by God’s image in you. Feel assured that he created you to be YOU! Feel his peace.

I have used the quote below in other posts, but it bears repeating.

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