Rain Rain Go Away!

16 Jul

It has been raining for days. Noah–are you building the ark yet? I do not mean to complain because living where I am, it could be snow– well maybe not in July. (ha ) Also, I have noticed how the grass is not brown and crunchy anymore and my outdoor potted plants and the hydrangeas in the landscaping are SO happy.

Rain does sometimes foil plans, though. There was supposed to be a summer parade in the little village near my home tonight–canceled! It was to kick off a four day outdoor festival complete with food, games and rides and people, people, people. With rain and thunder going on tonight I think many of the activities were stalled if not closed.

However, rain can be refreshing and renewing –in manageable doses!

The bible tells us of God’s favor blanketing us like rain. Rain was a warning to the people in Noah’s time and the end of the rain brought a promise of a brighter future and a note of thanks for a faithful family.

Rain can be purifying and perfect. It can wash away the pollen and dust of a dry summer. It can bring perfect moisture to a thirsty garden or lawn. It is often a gift to the crop farmer.

Rain can also be ominous as was the very hard shower that pounded against the windows earlier this evening sending my dog into a thirty minute panic.

Rain is like baptism. Rain purges the dry and dusty earth leaving behind greenery and growth. It is renewing. Whether the baptismal ceremony requires immersion in a river, lake or fountain or a sprinkling or pouring of water in a Godly gesture of joy for the day, all acts of the sacrament symbolize strength for tomorrow. God bends down to cradle the baptism candidate with water, word and love.

Okay, while I admittedly am not a fan of rain, I see its value, I understand its power and I see the symbolism.

As I write, the Lord is baptizing the earth that surrounds me. Teach me Lord, to appreciate the rain and to honor those baptismal moments you bring to my world. Amen.

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