9 Jul

Are you perfect? Is anyone perfect other than Jesus? We could take an interesting perspective on this. Being perfect suggests being faultless or void of flaws. If we look at it that way, of course we are not perfect! Who on earth doesn’t mess up, goof, fail or fall? And who lives a life that is pure and without sin?

But, as Christians we are taught that we are made in God’s image. God’s ways ARE perfect,

How do we obtain perfection?

It is not through never making a mistake or by pretending we can do more or be more than we are, but rather perfection shows with God’s presence in our lives. Perfection is not a destination, but rather it is a process or a journey.

A cleaned and straightened up home is not a perfect one. A nourishing and well prepared meal is not a perfect one. Well behaved children are not perfect, nor are rule followers, corporate leaders, church goers or Christ followers.

Personally, I think the beauty of this world can be seen through its imperfections. Goofs sometimes lead to goals and strategies of change. Blemishes lead to blessings and methods for doing better.

God made us in his image and in many ways that DOES make us perfect. He created us just the way he deemed so.

Psalm 139:14 recommends that we praise God for the creation of who we are and what we do and that’s that!

Image from WHAT’S TRUE ABOUT YOU by Holley Gerth

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