Less is More

7 Jul

I recently met up with a friend and we had lunch and poked in and out of a few little boutiques near where we live. In one of the shops I came across a book called YOU GOT THIS by Melissa Horvath. Horvath is all about the empowerment of women through encouragement, grace and the skills that God adds to the mix. She has a business called Sweet Water Decor. Her line of candles, mugs, inspirational signs and such was featured on a table in this store we browsed. I bought her book. It is a collection of 90 beautiful devotional pieces. The one that caught my eye today was about things we want, have, need or…maybe not.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also,” Luke 12:34

Why do we love having things? Is more better? Is the one with the most toys the winner?

The world is skilled at talking us into things. We see words like “new and improved” and we almost think that we might become new and improved by having that thing–but in reality, only God can make people feel new and improved. Horvath, who mind you is in the business of selling trinkets and things, asks us to consider this:

“What would it look like if, instead of wanting more and more things, we wanted to give more and more away to those in need?” Then she poses a reality check asking the reader to let go of things and allow those things to be a blessing to others with no desire for a thank you or any sort of reward. Rather than hoard, why not help? Rather than collect, why not cast off (that which will benefit others).

Sometimes it is hard to let go. I remember coming across mementos, things and stuff when we cleaned out my childhood home so my dad could move into an apartment. My mom had long left this world and my dad was making this change on his own. I stared long and hard at things that had I brought home I would not have needed, used nor possibly even wanted. Of those things, I took a few photos for the memory and then chose to donate items for the benefit of others. I do not regret my decision, but at the time it boggled my brain to “decide to decide.”

I am enjoying Melissa Horvath’s book, which by the way, was just published in May 2021. I think I will spend my time with the book and when the time is right and the situation says so, I may just pass it on to someone else needing a lift, some encouragement or an adjustment of perspective.

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 13:16

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