Grace Space

5 Jul

Do you have a grace space? Do you have a place where you like to go to feel the gift of God’s presence? As Christians we believe in the helping hand of God rich in blessings and care offered to us without any cost on our part. Sometimes we feel undeserving, but God would have us feel his grace anytime and in any place for any reason.

Many of us don’t take the time to notice this about God. We go about our day doing our thing often oblivious to God’s constant day long blessings. We get blinded by busy-ness or distracted by our TO DO list, so much so that as God tries all day long to get our attention we are closed to his benevolent goodness.

Sometimes we need to lift ourselves away from the day to day stuff and PAY ATTENTION! To do this requires awareness, keen senses and open perception. Creating a “grace space” may help! Is it in the car on a country road? Is it in your favorite room in your home when you are alone? Is it sitting in a church pew while having gotten to church kind of early and you are immersed in silence? Is it in your back yard after dark or on an early morning walk? Certainly there are times and places when and where God’s presence is at it fullest for you.


Grace Quotes Devotional - Programming Life

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