God the Artist

2 Jul

Do you like to draw? I do even though I am not good at it. I play a variation of Pictionary with my grandchildren on FaceTime. This is when I draw something in a hurry–usually of a stick figure variety and ask them what is is. We play this little guessing game until their attention spans give way, after all the oldest is only 4.

As a child I liked to draw and I loved art class. I even have a few “crafty” cards I made for my mom countless years ago and because she had kept them, after her passing when we cleaned out some of her things, I kept some of them. I even have some of the artwork my children made in their younger years, framed and hanging on a couple walls in my home. Hey, they are originals!

The other night I decided to walk a couple miles with our dog and dusk came upon us quickly, it seemed. As I turned down one side street I was facing west and a magnificent sunset was before me. I thought to myself this is God’s artistry!

Merriam-Webster calls art this:

the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects”

Everything God creates is a work of art. I love imagining God assembling all the elements needed to create something.

Consider a rose with its velvety folds and deep hues.

Think about a blue sky dotted with cottony clouds.

What about the giraffe or the zebra–they look painted to me.

And oh, the sunset I was gifted the other night– fiery colors on display.

You know– God made us, too. Each of us is a link back to God’s handiwork; God’s artistry.

Let’s savor that thought.


2 Responses to “God the Artist”

  1. Sue Broska July 20, 2021 at 5:14 pm #

    After being at the beach for a week, this message rang very clear to me. The ocean is so amazing and seeing it early in the morning thru 4yr old Luke’s eyes made it even more special.
    God really is an artist if we can only take the time to look carefully at His creation.

    • dar1124 July 20, 2021 at 9:20 pm #

      YES, we DO need to take the time!!

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