Never Inadequate

16 Jun

Do you ever feel unprepared or simply not ready for whatever life might dish out on a given day? Have you felt that maybe someone else could handle this better? Did it ever occur to you that possibly the person that you think is equipped to handle something feels the same inadequacies that you feel?

Feeling inadequate is a common thing. Sometimes our TO DO list is so long that we feel inadequate. Sometimes we are asked to do something far outside our comfort zone and we feel inadequate. Sometimes being in the presence of certain people or certain tasks makes us feel inadequate.

The word inadequate is defined by as “insufficient for a purpose; lacking the quality required.”

God would never have us fall to those feelings. God’s greatest desires are for us to maximize the gifts he has already given us. Even when we fall short God’s joy comes in watching us plan, move, strive and do.

In a devotional book I have called What’s True About You, author Holley Gerth states that even when we mess up, God delights in our goals and efforts. We may feel disappointed, but God feels blessed by every tiny implementation of the gifts we have been given. Yes we let people down, yes we goof or fall short at times. “But here’s what God is gently showing me: In spite of all that, we are not inadequate. We are in Christ and this changes everything.”

Holley Gerth goes on to share that Christ will fill in the gaps and Jesus will enter the spaces that we leave blank; the places where we feel *less than.* She states, “We are never inadequate because we always have a beyond-all-you-can-imagine God living in us.” How great is that?

How great thou art!

How Great Thou Art – Image Conscious

2 Peter 1:3 - NIV Bible - His divine power has given us everything we  need...

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