God’s Gifts

28 May

Here I sit in my car in a parking lot on a lovely spring day. It is sunny and 55 degrees and my dog just went into the veterinary office for an annual check-up and a vaccine update. Due to Covid protocol she goes in without me and I wait in the car and today it is so pleasurable! It is gorgeous all around. Leaves are pushing past their winter rest and the grass is green, fresh and lush. There is a delightful breeze coming into my car’s open windows.

Isn’t God magnificent to grant us these green gifts every year?

Admittedly spring can be a disappointment at times. Where I live we have had snow on Mother’s Day in years past. We have also had 80 degree days in April. See-saw–see-saw!

Those surprises and fluctuations are by design. God wishes for us to be alert to changes and life nuances. Being available to those changes makes us better followers of Jesus–ready to adjust, change, engage and prepare as the day’s events come along. If we slack, we then might be closed to God’s rich messages meant only for us.

I admit to having greater motivation for these moments on a sunny day. Those blue skies lift me and give me a feeling of optimism and openness. But I am fully aware that it is not possible to appreciate the sun unless I also experience darkness first, with the hope of God’s pending gifts offered just for me yet to come.

I trust in God’s goodness and I feel peace knowing his faithful and watchful eye is on me every single day.

Jeremiah 29:11

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