24 May

I recently spent time with my grandchildren who live out-of -town. Upon my arrival at their home I was met by my two year old little granddaughter who was holding what looked like a brightly colored plastic gun and she pointed it toward me and shouted , “Activate!” Truth be told she shouted it three times at full volume.

I suppose that imagery may come from a cartoon or a superhero film, but it got me to begin thinking…where does inertia end and action begin? Were you stunned by the extra time you had on hand at the height of the pandemic? Being shut away from many of our favorite activities prompted us to use our time differently and some relished the free time and have been slow to climb out of that space and become active again.

There is talk all over America that people are shy and unmotivated to go back to work because being paid by unemployment compensation is rewarding enough–why work? Wait a minute! Society needs us. Our culture needs everyone to “activate.” It will give us purpose and will satisfy many trending needs. (And there are ways to do this safely while the pandemic lingers.)

This is not a political thought, it is a spiritual one. What is your spirit telling you to do? Is there a place for you and only you to get out there and DO and BE? How may I fill in the gaps, meet some needs, act upon my intuition and in general get myself back out there? How might I contribute or make a difference?

So true that a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest. You have certainly heard that one before! What about our helping spirits? Do they stay in motion and/ or at rest according to our choices day to day?

I want to ACTIVATE!

I want to get back out there and BE somebody FOR somebody. I want to do my work, run my errands, help a friend, being ready and willing. How about you?

A small action might be to phone or text a friend. Another small action may be to forward the link to this website to a friend or loved one who may enjoy a spiritual boost. Maybe while walking through your community, a friendly wave might lift someone’s mood. Out in the marketplace, simply helping someone by holding the door or signalling them into a parking space might make their day. Opportunities are out there, if only we ACTIVATE!

Best Actions Speak Louder Than Words Quotes - Be Centsational

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