“Bee” Wise

12 May

Years ago we were living in a home surrounded by some very large, dense bushes and shrubbery. One Saturday evening we were outside playing with our two young daughters on our oversized porch and noticed some buzzing around some greenery very near the porch. We took our daughters, who at the time were a year and a half and not quite four safely off the porch and around the corner to investigate. Wow! There were far too many bees/ hornets/ yellow jackets or something buzzing around the bush and a nudge with a long rake handle to pull apart branches revealed a nest. It was quite the architectural wonder and the size of a football! Despite the fact it was a Saturday night, we felt compelled to call a guy advertised as emergency pest control. He asked what the nest looked like and asked if we had children and then said, “I am on my way.”

Upon his arrival we all stood back and watched the guy garbed in safety gear spray and demolish the great big nest. I remember as he worked, I was thinking he was very brave to be in this line of work. When he was finished he explained to us that the reason he came over immediately was due to the children. By our description of the nest he knew the insects swarming were Bald Faced Hornets and their nature is to swarm in packs and they have dangerous capabilities as repeated stingers with an attack mentality.

I felt safe in his presence, educated on a subject to which I was naive and relieved that he had handled the situation so carefully and with courage and swift strength.

He packed up his equipment and as we walked him to his truck the girls bounded over with us. I expressed my deep thanks for his arrival on an Saturday evening and he assured me that was part of the job. He then asked me an unforgettable question.

“Do you know what the eyes of God look like?”

Before I could answer he pointed to our precious little girls’ faces, jumped into his truck, smiled and drove off.

Such great wisdom was taught to me that evening! What a witness he shared with our family and how genuine his disciple-worthy words were to me.

Philemon 1:6 …and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.

Having God’s wisdom in your heart is great, but sharing it with others is greater.

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