A Spirit and Soul Extra

8 May

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Our church asked for brief stories about our moms for an online post and I wrote the following through misty eyes:

I have very dear memories of my mom–how she laughed, how she prayed and how she sewed. My mother had one of those laughs that was filled with abandon. She would giggle at times and then throw her head back in a giant let loose kind of laugh. That made her quite endearing to many. I also have memories of how my mother prayed because a few time I spotted her beside her bed on her knees lost in her heavenly conversation. And she sewed. My mother made almost all my clothes and she made her own clothes as well as flannel shirts and pajamas for my brothers and my dad. A delightful memory I have is for many years when I was a young girl, she and I had matching dresses to wear to church on Mother’s Day. My mother’s talents at the sewing machine were vast as she had attended a vocational high school and studied “sewing and tailoring.” She has been gone for 35 years and I still miss her.

A mother-child relationship is eternal. God ordained for us to have mothers so we could have the comfort and growth of the womb at first and then their unconditional care ever thereafter.

If you have your mother yet on earth I hope you will see her, send her a card, text her or chat with her on Mother’s Day. If you miss your mother because she is gone from your earthly presence, cherish the memories; the memories will always be with you. If by a sad chance you are estranged from Mom and there is the slightest chance of reconciliation, make the first move. Perhaps that gentle gesture might open a door.

The Bible consistently asks followers to honor and love their mothers.  Examples of this can be seen in Exodus 20:12, “Honor your father and your mother,” and Leviticus 19:3, “Every one of you shall revere mother and father.”

If you are a mother, feel blessed.

Since you are a daughter of a mother, feel blessed.

Free Mother's Day Printable - TGIF - This Grandma is Fun

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