17 Mar

Are you connected to a church? I certainly hope so. The early followers of Jesus believed that collective gatherings of believers made for a strong connection of supportive people in each other’s lives. That old adage of “birds of a feather flocking together” is not a bad thing. How beautiful it is to commune with like-minded folk on a regular basis. I think it’s God’s design to have us be together, learn together, worship together, share together and support one another.

True confession: When Covid’s severity determined that churches should close, I was devastated. And I was caught off guard, having no idea that not being in my chosen house of worship weekly would affect me so. I felt unsettled– I missed the corporate nature of Sunday morning. I missed seeing my Christian friends. I missed singing in the Chancel Choir and I missed having that special together sort of routine that my husband and I have shared for countless years.

We are back in church, thankfully! We are wearing masks, having fewer in attendance, utilizing special seating requirements, with no congregational singing and the post worship fellowship time is pretty quick, but I am so very thankful to be worshiping weekly in my beloved church home, once again!

May God bless you and your church relationship.

C aring

H earts

U nited,

R eaching out and

C alled

H eavenward


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