Happy Friday! How are You?

12 Mar

I hope your visit today is a good one. If you are new, I welcome you and if you have popped in before, thanks for your return visit. Now that I can see this is actually working the way I had imagined, I hope to make things a little more predictable for you and more manageable for me. I want this experience to be a tiny spot of joy from day to day. I plan to post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week keeping true to inspirational thoughts, Biblical quotes and words of joy and wisdom from varied sources. Do you have an idea to share? This may simply be a favorite verse, a memorable quote or a brief personal story that inspires. Your individual contributions can be jotted in the *comments* section of each page.

Shared thoughts from the readers might add some extra joy to our communication! Also, feel free to pass our link along to someone you think may like the experience. That will add to the joy as well.

Today I hearken back to 5th Century Greece for an abridged but thoughtful quote from Plato. I sourced this from an older volume–CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE KID’S SOUL, by Jack Canfield, et al.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a …battle.”

Bye for now!

One Response to “Happy Friday! How are You?”

  1. Sue Broska March 15, 2021 at 4:14 pm #

    I just read your leather coat story and realized that I pulled out an “old” raincoat and wore it to church yesterday. When I sat down in the pew with the grandkids I realized that I had a broken button on the sleeve. The button was very sharp and needs to be replaced so that I don’t scratch anyone. Kind of like life! We have our “sharp” moments but being kind and thoughtful to others is how God would like us to be. A new button will be sewn on my old coat and I will think of being kind in all situations. Thanks, Denise

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